Win cool prizes based on your Ed Tech knowledge - Learn a LOT even if you don't win!!
Your hosts:
Jon Corippo - - Twitter = @jcorippo
Burt Lo- - Twitter = @trubol
Mike Niehoff - Twitter = @minaretsnews
Melissa Hudson

Win AMAZING PRIZES based on your Ed Tech knowledge. Click in your answer, get it right and stay in the game. Learn an Ed Tech tool or technique after EVERY round. See the power of real time, personal responder technology! Preregister on a Google Form to get a clicker assigned in YOUR NAME. Get rewarded for knowing your stuff and learn a bunch of new things even if you don’t. It’s going to be fun, loud and informative. Sign up early to be one of the one hundred players who start out.

Win a Trip to the Rock Star Teacher Summer Tech Camp 2011 (inc. lodging), or a full class set of SMART response system and several Airliner wireless tablets from IVS Technologies.

external image CUEMACWORLDPrizes.002a.jpg

Win a free trip to camp, INCLUDING LODGING! $400 Value

Show schedule:
11:00 - 11:15am - Orientation, overview, and contestants get their clickers
11:16 Questions begin! They will start out easy enough, but the subjects and questions will get harder as we go!
There will be a 1 minute "mini-lesson" after each correct answer is revealed
11:35 LAST ROUND! There are six prizes up for grabs - we will do tie breakers until we get down to the final two contestants
11:45 Lunch begins and the "Meet the Characters" session commences, hang out with the presenters and get passports for asking
them questions.