The Google is Right

with your hosts
Kyle Brumbaugh and Elizabeth Calhoon
Twitter: @brumbaugh and @ecalhoon and

Win Google Swag while playing in a gameshow format! Get a nametag and try to guess Google factoids by being the closest without going over on Google facts! The winners get to go to the Showcase Showdown. Google Certified teachers Elizabeth Calhoon and Kyle Brumbaugh will share all the answers in a session packed with tips and techniques on Google Advanced Search, Timeline, Squared and Scholar. Learn all about Google, win prizes and tweet in your questions, tips and answers!

2:30pm-2:40pm: Pick up and create nametags and orientation
GAME TIME! Each game will be a fast-paced sequence of events! 4 Contestants will be narrowed to one and that one contestant will have to complete a Google Search task within one minute, while audience members suggest best methods via Twitter.
Easy Squeezy! (Wash, rinse, repeat 3 more times for maximum fun!)
2:40pm: Game #1: Search Crackers
2:45pm: Game #2: Time Will Tell
2:50pm: Game #3: Hip to be Square
2:55pm: Game #4: Scholar Baller
3:00-3:15pm: Showcase Smackdown!