with Rushton Hurley & Jim Sill Founder and MERIT Program Director Rushton Hurley and 2009 CUE Outstanding Teacher Jim Sill are ready to show you all the new possibilities multimedia offers through a variety of tips and tricks for using iMovie, Final Cut Pro and other tools your Mac is wanting you to explore. cdwg2graphic.png

After each trick, you will be helping to judge the Made On A Mac 60-Second Video Contest! Students from all over have created videos teaching concepts one might encounter in elementary, middle, or high school in 60 seconds or less. The videos could be about covalent bonds, adding fractions, haiku poetry, the Magna Carta, the difference between por and para in Spanish, or anything else their creative minds have put together. Want to know more? Check out the contest home page.

Be inspired and energized as you decide the winners! Come prepared to vote for the best of the best.


  • Introduction to Apple's video production tools
  • Quicktime and Keynote as tools for Video
  • iMovie video tricks with the Zi8
  • Final Cut Pro video tricks
  • Google tools with video
  • Voting for the winner of the Learning Made On A Mac video contest
  • Prize Giveaway
    • Four Kodak HD cameras will be given out during this session, sponsored by CDW-G.
    • Turning Point Clickers sponsored by California Vision Tech
    • Your guides: @rushtonh @mistersill

Links to some tricks:
Creating the Pleasantville Effect in Final Cut Pro
Beyond the Ken Burns Effect in iMovie
Creating a Trailer in iMovie'11
The Narrative Video Script Templates on Google Docs
Library of Congress' American Memory Photo Archive

Learn Final Cut Express from Izzy Video