Do you have a Twitter account? Bring your iPhone or any smartphone and learn the quick and easy basics of Twitter. Learn how to retweet and we’ll even make a custom hashtag so everyone can join in. Ed Techers can Twitter out all the cool tips and techniques that we will all learn during the day. If you already have a Twitter account, join in and help the Twitter Chorus take over the net for Macworld 2011!

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Carol Anne McGuire


Chris Bell



  • Introduction to Twitter
  • Tweet Vocabulary
  • Twitter Apps & Mobile
  • Why Twitter in Education?
  • Use Cases: Elementary
  • Use Cases: Middle School/High School
  • Use Cases: University

Bring Your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Macbook (or even (egads) Android phone)

Prepare to participate in this session by:
  1. Setting up an account at Twitter.
  2. Downloading a Twitter client for your mobile device or laptop
    1. Tweetdeck (Desktop client)
    2. Official Twitter mobile client for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
    3. Safari Extension
    4. Chromed Bird (Google Chrome extension)
    5. Twitter for Android (Scan the QR code to install)
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  3. Plan to have fun and participate!